I was limited with just two months to prepare for my practical exam. Rocky is an excellent instructor, I got the confidence within my first few lessons. It was a pleasure to learn driving with him, he was a very patient and a friendly chap who gave me more confidence throughout every single lesson. I was very pleased with his lessons, and I highly recommend others to choose his driving school. Now I'm driving alone very confidently. It's just because of all the skills and knowledge I gained during the lessons. I would recommend Priority Driving School to anyone who would like to be a safe and confident driver.

Joseph Jeganathan

I was nervous about starting with Priority Driving School, not knowing what to expect but straight after my first lesson I was overwhelmed that I had chosen the right driving school. My instructor Rocky was very approachable and we got on very well. His professional work ethic and his desire for his students to succeed is just some of his many assets. He has taught me priceless skills and techniques which has aided me to pass first time in both theory and practical tests.

I would recommend Priority Driving School to anyone who wants professional driving instructors with a very professional work ethic.

Once again Rocky thank you for all your hard work!!

Jenar Thiyagarajah

The level of quality which I received over the following month prior to me passing my driving test first time was exceptional. My driving instructor Rocky maintained a professional work ethic whilst also developing a great friendship with me. All my doubts in driving were quickly reassured by rocky and within the first few weeks I felt like I had driven all my life. The teaching method was excellent and I recommend this driving school to anyone who is looking for a professional driving school. All my friends who have learnt from Rocky have passed first time and this was purely down to the great level of teaching.

Jude Jeyananthan

I can honestly say Rocky is an all rounder as a driving instructor. He is an effective teacher using methods that actually teach you how to drive rather than just pass! (A definite in my books!) He is incredibly patient and taught me to be patient in terms of driving too (a major task!). He tailors his teaching methods to suit the student and is friendly making learning to drive a fun and thoroughly enjoyable experience! Additionally he was flexible with my busy work schedule and his lesson fees were affordable and very reasonable. Rocky never gave up on me nor let me give up on myself and was constantly encouraging me. He instilled major confidence in my driving skills and helped me to become an awesome, confident and safe driver (I passed with just one minor!).

I would more than recommend Rocky as a top quality driving instructor to anyone looking to learn - you honestly can't go wrong!! He is a genuinely lovely person, who is incredibly easy to get along with and have a laugh with as well as being a sound instructor (a rarity nowadays!)
A big thank you to Rocky for helping me get there! Happy passing to all!

Anita Patel

I found that Rocky was extremely patient and I felt very comfortable taking instructions. I was able to joke and learn from the mistakes I made and never felt intimidated, and Rocky has given me the confidence I needed to be able to drive. Everything that needed explaining to me was done so, and my lessons were usually focused on the areas I felt less comfortable in. Overall, I feel that one of main reasons that I passed first time, was because I have had an incredible instructor!

Punam Shah

Thank you once again for your lessons that led to successful first time pass.

'I have been very lucky to have Rocky (Priority Driving School) as my driving instructor who accommodated my request to take a driving test before my baby is born with one month remaining before the due date. I took 20 hours of driving lessons at convenient times for me, within one month. Thanks to his skills, patience, useful exam tips and clear instructions I learned how to drive safely and confidently and passed my driving test first time. I highly recommend him to anyone.'
Best wishes

Marina Li

Rocky (Priority driving school) has been an excellent driving instructor right from the beginning! He knows how to approach and communicate with his pupils accordingly. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Rocky, he made them fun, enjoyable and stress free. I passed my driving test first time, with only two minor faults thanks Rocky. I often had difficulties with manoeuvres especially reverse around the corner and this normally brought my spirit down however, Rocky was always there to the rescue. He gave me all the scenarios that could possibly go wrong in reverse around the corner and made me manoeuvre the car to the right position. Invaluable guidance has been given to me which will aid me in my driving.

Thanks once again Rocky for all your help.

Jekany Thiyagarajah

I had always wanted to drive, and it was a long wait for me since I was born in July. However, I started lessons with Rocky (Priority Driving School) the day after my birthday. I was excited at the time although I was expecting a lecture on my first lesson, after speaking to my friends about their first lesson with their instructors. My thoughts were completely wrong. Even though I had never driven before, after 10 minutes I was driving, and furthermore I was able to drive home on my first lesson!From my first lesson onwards I was just determined to pass my test and Rocky pushed me on. I hit the main roads on my second lesson and went on roundabouts for the very first time. Rocky�s clear instructions and guidance improved my confidence greatly which allowed me to drive safely. Mirror work was not something I was good at, but because Rocky continuously repeated short phrases such as �interior left� and �interior right,� I quickly got the hang of it. Whilst being a learner I would always stall now and then as expected. And admittedly, once I stalled �x� number of times in a row on a shallow slope down the road from my house. However, Rocky always kept calm and patient, and most importantly kept me calm, encouraging me at the same time.Rocky�s lessons were always enjoyable and a laugh which is why I always looked forward to his lessons, and I couldn�t imagine what a better instructor would be like, because there had never been a point when he hadn�t taught at high standards. All of my friends who have taken their test after learning with Rocky have passed first time, including me! To say the least, Rocky is a great instructor who I would thoroughly recommend to anyone and I would like to thank him for his hard work.

Sujeevan Sivathasan

Rocky (Priority driving school) has a unique ability as a driving instructor which makes him perfect to teach any possible learner. This is the inherent calmness he has, not getting angry or panicking in dangerous situations and always willing to laugh off an incident whilst ensuring that his pupil knows they have done something wrong. All added together, this results in an instructor who makes learning to drive fun whilst ensuring real progress rapidly. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a pupil of Rocky, looking forward to every lesson and hating it when they ended. He is a great guy and a superb instructor and I wholeheartedly recommend him to any seventeen year old wanting to learn to drive.

Gio Pilides

I've been taking driving lessons with Rocky since late last year and finally passed my driving test on the first attempt with only 4 minor faults. He was recommended to me by a friend, whom Rocky had recently trained up to test standard after he in turn had Rocky recommended by a friend. Both of them also passed first time, which I believe says something about Rocky's ability as an instructor, this combined with the price of his lessons (at least 5 pounds cheaper a lesson then my friends who were also learning to drive) should put him at the top of anyone's list who is looking to start driving. Rocky has a good, balanced approach to teaching, making sure that driving technique and every manoeuvre is practiced until the student doesn't even need to think before they perform one, whilst at the same time Rocky remains casual, friendly and un-overbearing, adapting to every student's level of skill. I would, and have recommended Rocky to everyone thinking of starting to drive and will carry on doing so until he is no longer in the business.

Alasdair Gray

Having been born in May, ( late in the school year) was really annoying. SO many of my friends were driving their car before i had even had my first driving lesson. I've always wanted to drive for so long and I just wanted to do it quickly. When my dad finally decided to book me my lesson in 3 MONTHS LATER, I just wanted to get my licence ASAP. I had at times 3 lessons a week and Rocky my amazing driving instructor taught me well. From my second lesson he told me to go on main roads, scary!!! To my surprise i was able to do it. He was always very clear about explaining things, Do's and Don'ts for the test, and was very patient. With all my stalling and stumbles at roundabouts not many people would stay calm. Rocky DID! HE just told me to stay calm, THINK and continue driving. Then after every lesson we used to go over all the things I had done wrong and what i needed to improve on.

Constructive criticism instead of a telling off and a rant. A good strategy in my books. A lot of the time we were doing the test roots of my chosen test centre and often going into the test centre to do manoeuvre. HE prepared me well for my test which I took two months later, often asking me questions about the safety check , (tell me show me) . I think that driving should be fun and for me Rocky made it fun and enjoyable. Which is why unlike many of my friends I loved having lessons and I think that is what made me have the confidence to take my test so quickly and pass. I think that Rocky is what driving instructors should be like, patient, good to talk too. In conclusion I really think that Rocky made me lessons fun and he was very encouraging, motivating and positive. He was the main reason I passed. AND he was always prompt for lessons and always gave me extra time. SO yes LEARN WITH ROCKY (PRIORITY DRIVING SCHOOL)TEAM ROCKY. YOU WILL PASS FIRST TIME.

Maryam Khan

Learning to drive with Rocky was a really great experience. As well as being a great guy, he is really helpful, and managed to get me to a test standard a lot faster than I expected myself! Fantastic instructor and helped me pass first time.

Khilan Engineer

I recently passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors and also then continued to do my pass plus.The instructor was friendly and patient, and taught in a way that was suited to my own style of learning.

The lesson times were flexible and easy to fit around my full time job making Priority a perfect choice for Students.

I have personally recommended Priority Driving School to several friends and relatives who have also passed first time.

Luke Patterson

I passed first time thanks to Rocky’s patience, support and brilliant teaching skills as a driving instructor. He is a friendly and intuitive guy who helped me improve substantially during the course of the lessons. I even did the pass plus course with him, which helped me improve my motorway skills.

Yusuf Anjari

If one wants to pass the first time (like me) and be safe drivers for the future, Priority Driving school (Rocky) is the right person to look for. He is a friendly, helpful and meticulous instructor, who will make sure his students get the required knowledge and skills, at a suitable pace and within a relaxed environment. Furthermore, during the lessons, he was using learning aids with pictures and we practised a lot in the test areas. Thanks again, Rocky, for helping me pass the first time.

Charles Wong