Sayantan Biswas

Rocky is probably one of the best instructors available on the roads of London. He is thoroughly professional, extremely punctual and more so is great company even while you are learning to drive. He is patient and in spite of the innumerable mistakes you might make he remains calm. HE makes the whole experience of learning to drive a pleasurable experience. I had already failed my first test (with some other instructor) , when I was given the contact information for Rocky. I started working with him , however my next test got cancelled (in Mar’2010). I then did not take a test for some time. However when I restarted the classes (in July 2010) with him, Rocky remembered that he owed me some money (though I had forgotten). This is how professional he is. Not only that he remembered my weak points even after 4 months. He also has lots of small tricks up his sleeves which help you to ace the difficult manoeuvres and all the other driving skills required to pass the test comfortably. I recommended him to my colleague who also passed his test at the first attempt. So sum it all Rocky ROCKS!!!!.