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Maryam Khan

Having been born in May, ( late in the school year) was really annoying. SO many of my friends were driving their car before i had even had my first driving lesson. I've always wanted to drive for so long and I just wanted to do it quickly. When my dad finally decided to book me my lesson in 3 MONTHS LATER, I just wanted to get my licence ASAP. I had at times 3 lessons a week and Rocky my amazing driving instructor taught me well. From my second lesson he told me to go on main roads, scary!!! To my surprise i was able to do it. He was always very clear about explaining things, Do's and Don'ts for the test, and was very patient. With all my stalling and stumbles at roundabouts not many people would stay calm. Rocky DID! HE just told me to stay calm, THINK and continue driving. Then after every lesson we used to go over all the things I had done wrong and what i needed to improve on.

Constructive criticism instead of a telling off and a rant. A good strategy in my books. A lot of the time we were doing the test roots of my chosen test centre and often going into the test centre to do manoeuvre. HE prepared me well for my test which I took two months later, often asking me questions about the safety check , (tell me show me) . I think that driving should be fun and for me Rocky made it fun and enjoyable. Which is why unlike many of my friends I loved having lessons and I think that is what made me have the confidence to take my test so quickly and pass. I think that Rocky is what driving instructors should be like, patient, good to talk too. In conclusion I really think that Rocky made me lessons fun and he was very encouraging, motivating and positive. He was the main reason I passed. AND he was always prompt for lessons and always gave me extra time. SO yes LEARN WITH ROCKY (PRIORITY DRIVING SCHOOL)TEAM ROCKY. YOU WILL PASS FIRST TIME.

Khilan Engineer

Learning to drive with Rocky was a really great experience. As well as being a great guy, he is really helpful, and managed to get me to a test standard a lot faster than I expected myself! Fantastic instructor and helped me pass first time.

Luke Patterson

I recently passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors and also then continued to do my pass plus.The instructor was friendly and patient, and taught in a way that was suited to my own style of learning.

The lesson times were flexible and easy to fit around my full time job making Priority a perfect choice for Students.

I have personally recommended Priority Driving School to several friends and relatives who have also passed first time.

Yusuf Anjari

I passed first time thanks to Rocky’s patience, support and brilliant teaching skills as a driving instructor. He is a friendly and intuitive guy who helped me improve substantially during the course of the lessons. I even did the pass plus course with him, which helped me improve my motorway skills.

Charles Wong

If one wants to pass the first time (like me) and be safe drivers for the future, Priority Driving school (Rocky) is the right person to look for. He is a friendly, helpful and meticulous instructor, who will make sure his students get the required knowledge and skills, at a suitable pace and within a relaxed environment. Furthermore, during the lessons, he was using learning aids with pictures and we practised a lot in the test areas. Thanks again, Rocky, for helping me pass the first time.

Krishna Gadher

I had driving lessons with priority driving school (rocky) for just over a year. I immediately found that i felt very comfor-table with rocky’s style of teaching. rocky built up my confidence as a learner driver and was very patient. he found out what my weaker areas were and concen-trated on these with me. rocky ensured that the maximum time during lessons was spent on improving my skills.

I fully benefited from having a lesson just before my driving test and rocky reassured me and my nerves. we went through areas that i needed to work on and I was lucky enough to pass at my first attempt. I then went onto completing the pass plus with rocky and worked on aspects such as motorway and night time driving which have benefited me a lot. i am very grateful for all of rocky’s time with me.

Manju Venkatarangam

Priority driving school (Rocky), makes sure you not only pass the driving test but become a very good driver!!

He's professional and has a friendly approach.

He fine tunes your driving skills, corrects all your mistakes step by step and makes sure that you are a 100% confident driver.

I feel lucky to have him as a driving instructor!!

Nicholas Natale

Having taken lessons with Priority Driving School and passed both my theory and practical tests on the first attempt, I have no hesitation in recommending Priority's competitively-priced services to others, particularly to those who are unsure which driving school to give their custom to in the local area as there are so many to choose from.

As an initially nervous learner driver, I was very happy that Rocky immediately put me at my ease behind the wheel and was very patient and professional in working with me on my areas of weakness to ensure that I grew in confidence and improved my driving technique as the weeks passed. Rocky also keeps his learners up to date on the latest testing procedures, providing many useful hints and tips to pass first time, as I did!

Anna Silber

Rocky is a fantastic, professional driving instructor. He is very easy to get on with and has a calm demeanour which helped a lot with my confidence. I passed first time with only one minor. Thanks Rocky, all down to you!