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Cheng Song Qi

Today, I passed my driving test with only 4 minor fault! I am really happy and this is all because of Rocky, he is the best instructor I know! Learning to drive with Rocky was both educational and fun.
Thanks to him I passed FIRST TIME and I definitely recommend him as a great instructor for anyone looking to pass their test. Thanks again!!!

Sayantan Biswas

Rocky is probably one of the best instructors available on the roads of London. He is thoroughly professional, extremely punctual and more so is great company even while you are learning to drive. He is patient and in spite of the innumerable mistakes you might make he remains calm. HE makes the whole experience of learning to drive a pleasurable experience. I had already failed my first test (with some other instructor) , when I was given the contact information for Rocky. I started working with him , however my next test got cancelled (in Mar'2010). I then did not take a test for some time. However when I restarted the classes (in July 2010) with him, Rocky remembered that he owed me some money (though I had forgotten). This is how professional he is. Not only that he remembered my weak points even after 4 months. He also has lots of small tricks up his sleeves which help you to ace the difficult manoeuvres and all the other driving skills required to pass the test comfortably. I recommended him to my colleague who also passed his test at the first attempt. So sum it all Rocky ROCKS!!!!.

Foluso Aloko

I'm really glad I took my lessons with Rocky. All the lessons were very interesting and I learnt a whole lot. He gave me a lot of extra tips which made it easier for me. He also took me round various test route which helped me get familiar with different road situations. Most of all, I am extremely grateful for his level of Teaching skills, experience, professionalism, patience and for all the encouragement.

It was really a worthwhile experience.

Rushab Shah

Rocky is a very good instructor and teaches you very well. If you do not understand something he will go through that problem with you over until that problem has been solved. Rocky makes the lessons enjoyable. I passed with 2 minors and this shows that Rocky is a brilliant instructor and he will cover everything with you meaning that when you take your test you will pass first time.

Sagar Shah

Learning to drive with Rocky was both educational and fun. He taught me to become a safe driver by taking me through different routes daily and this in turn made my experience a multitude of driving conditions at different times of the day. Rocky has patience and excellent teaching methods. Rocky combines professional teaching methods with his own "funny phrases" that make driving an enjoyable experience. He is relaxed but he is also careful and takes road safety very seriously! I would recommend him to everyone. Rocky you are the best.

I passed first time with 3 minor faults. Now my cousin is learning with him. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROCKY TO ANYONE. 5 out of 5. THANKS A LOT ROCKY FOR EVERYTHING.

Rishi Shrivastava

Rocky is a great instructor in terms of not only giving you all the practical skills for passing your driving test but you end up being a better and safe driver. He is my FIRST Driving instructor and I passed my Driving test on my FIRST attempt at Pinner Test Centre. My friends told me that I had chosen a time when there was high traffic, however with quality lessons from Rocky I was fully prepared. My Best experience with Rocky came from the fact that he remembered my weakness from my first lesson and worked more on those.

I have already recommended him to my friend :) Wish you safe learning...Please - make a note of what he tells you in each lesson and use your notes to improve on the next lesson, Rocky has some great driving tips.

Deeva Shah

Rocky has been an exceptional instructor. Having had lessons elsewhere I am able to compare Rocky's teaching style to other instructors and I found he's been the best! He's extremely patient, and explains everything very clearly. I took my test at Hendon and Rocky made sure I was well-prepared on all the test routes. Thanks to him I passed and I definitely recommend him as a great instructor for anyone looking to pass their test.

Martin Kentish

I started learning with My Driving Instructor Rocky at Priority Driving School in Hendon, the place where I took my test. He was a very good Driving instructor who took me around all the test routes in Hendon. By the time I did my test I knew all the roads very well. Rocky was a very good at explaining all manoeuvre's very clearly with good points of reference, to remember them by. I was very confident when it came to my test. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive

Divya Mistry

I started my driving lessons not knowing a thing! I had never sat in the drivers seat before, and on my first lesson I was driving home! my instructor (Rocky) was amazing! he helped me learn at the pace I desired especially as I needed to be driving ASAP. He was very professional and flexible. He really boosted my confidence and I loved learning to drive with Priority!

Freya El Baz

I started off with hardly any driving experience and remember feeling quite shaky and a bit nervous behind the wheel, but Rocky was really encouraging and patient. He explained things again (and again!) which made me feel confident. He's a great driving instructor and I'd recommend him to anyone who's looking for an instructor. I was really happy with everything and felt prepared for my test. Best thing is, I passed first time!