Mohammad Al-Hallao

What can I say? Rocky, you da MAYYN!! 10/10
A friend of mine recommended me to learn to drive with Rocky and on my first lesson I realised that he really is a great, genuinely friendly and professional ADI. He took me from my house to a quiet area and started from scratch. We swapped seats and within the first 5 mins of me driving I was on the main roads and by the end of the lesson I drove all the way back home, through Harlesden!! =O. That’s what I like about him, he’s a practical type of guy.

His way of teaching is to “just do it” (safely lol) and makes you confident enough to push you beyond your limits, he shows you how EASY it really is and throws your FEARS right out ‘the window. That way you learn a lot quicker! “There’s no fear, Rocky’s here!!” lol
Not forgetting, of course, it was THE BEST experience to LEARN to drive with Rocky. He’s a well funny guy, we had loads of fun on every lesson, from the first to the last i.e. practical test day! I’ll miss driving with him and I’m sure he will too =D
(I’ll be recommending you to my lil bro, so hold on tight Rocky!!)