Practical Test

The practical test will take approximately 40 minutes. You should arrive at the test centre in plenty of time – usually around ten minutes before the test is due to start.

An examiner will call out your name. You will then be asked to sign an insurance declaration and produce the following essential documents:

  • Provisional licence
  • Licence counterpart
  • Theory Test certificate

The examiner will ask you to read a car number plate from a distance of around 20m (65.6ft), then you will be asked two safety check questions that are based upon “Show me tell me”.

During the test you will be asked to carry out 2 driving manoeuvres from the following list:

  • Reverse parallel park
  • Reverse bay park
  • Reverse around corner
  • Turn in a road (“three-point turn”)
  • Emergency Stop

The examiner will direct you around the test route. You are allowed a maximum of 15 minor faults. Should you commit one dangerous or serious fault, you will fail the test.

After the test the examiner will give you the necessary feedback on you performance.

You can book your Practical test on 0870 0101372 or Book on-line.

The Practical test fee is £62.00.

You can find out more about the practical driving test at, or by visiting the Driving Standards Agency’s YouTube channel at and watching ‘Are you ready?: a guide for learners’
Locations of Practical Test Centres.