Pass Plus scheme, designed to reduce premiums

Newly qualified drivers are more vulnerable than experienced drivers.

Newly qualified drivers are at more risk on the road. Statistics show they are more likely to have an accident within their first two years of driving than at any other time in their driving career.

Two people under the age of 25 die everyday in car crashes in Great Britain. One driver in five is involved in a crash in their first year of driving.

As you have passed your driving test and no longer need supervision. Pass Plus offers new drivers the opportunity to become more skillful drivers by developing a positive driving style, thus reducing the risk of accidents. Leading to car insurance benefits.

The Pass Plus Course comprises of the following 6 modules:

Module 1 Town Driving 
Town driving can be frightening, as towns can get very busy with buses and a lot of pedestrians. So as a driver your awareness must be paramount.

Module 2 All weather Driving 
Snow and ice, rain, fog and bright sunshine require a variety of different driving skills. Adjusting speed and separation distances to suit different weather conditions.

Module 3 Out of Town driving and rural roads 
Country roads can be very dangerous. They can have many bends combined with soft verges. Other hazards include pedestrians walking on the road, animals, tractors and farm implements.

Module 4 Night Driving
Night driving can be very daunting. Visibility is reduced, making it harder to spot road signs, pedestrians and cyclists. Knowing when to use appropriate lights is essential for the safety of all.

Module 5 Dual Carriageways
Dual carriageway driving needs extra awareness. You have to be aware of Slip roads entering and exiting the carriageway, have a solid command of lane discipline and early accurate reactions to road signs.

Module 6 Motorways
Motorways are the safest roads but crashes are a lot more devastating because of the speeds involved. So forward planning and observations are critically important.